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How To Perfect The Notre Dame Football Game Day Experience

How To Perfect The Notre Dame Football Game Day Experience

Everyone knows that there is only one priority on a Fall Saturday.. that is to enjoy college football all day long. Every fall Saturday is special but there is nothing like a full Notre Dame gameday experience. There are many different techniques to enjoying the sacred Notre Dame gameday experience but I am going to share with you how I believe it is done best.

It all starts on Friday night with the preparation. This is when you go to the store to get all the food and drinks for tailgating. During this trip it is crucial that you get all of the necessities such as burgers, brats, dogs, snacks, and beer. Once you have everything you need it is time to pack up the coolers, grill, tables, chairs and some games. Pack those suckers all up and make sure they are ready to roll in the morning. The next step is to have the gameday outfit all picked out so that there is nothing to worry about in the morning. This outfit should include all your ND apparel and of course your favorite jersey. Representing your favorite team is a rule that cannot be broken.

After that is all situated it is important to fill up the car with a full tank, that baby has to be all ready to roll in the morning. Once everything is ready to roll for the next morning it is time to get some rest for the big day that follows. In the morning you need to get up early and get on the road as soon as possible so you can beat traffic.

Next stop: South Bend, Indiana. Once you arrived on campus is when people differ in their routines. Many people decide to immediately set up shop and start tailgating right away. I respect those people and I usually opt to crack open a few cold ones right away myself but I hold off on the full blown tailgate for a couple hours. I prefer to walk around the campus for a couple hours and soak in the scenery and energy of everyone in anticipation of the big game that is upcoming. That is something my dad taught me and we have continued to do it for as long as I can remember. It just gives the full gameday experience in a way that you can't capture anyway else.

A few of the main stops include Touchdown Jesus, The Golden Dome, the famous church on campus, and the Grotto all of which are incredible. I will always stop in the church and at the Grotto. The church is beautiful so it is always nice to see that. I'm also always amazed with the Grotto.

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